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Florida Man July 1 - Richard Brady Lloyd

Richard Brady Lloyd Was Arrested 2 Weeks After Being Released, Was Under The Influence And Ran From Scene Of Collision | July 1

Silver Springs: It’s not the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last. A Florida man was arrested less than 2 weeks after being released from prison. The man Richard Brady Lloyd apparently side swiped another vehicle while under the influence and drove away.

Lloyd, who has a lengthy arrest history dating back to 2009, was released from jail June 18 after serving 51 days. He was in prison for grand theft of a motor vehicle, resisting an officer without violence and other charges.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper responded to the crash scene on State Road 40. He observed a purple Mitsubishi Mirage sedan parked in the north shoulder, facing west. The vehicle had damage on its left side with black tire marks, indicating a sideswipe type of collision.

The driver of the Mitsubishi told the trooper she was traveling west on State Road 40 when an unknown vehicle passed her in the same direction in a no-passing zone. She said the vehicle sideswiped her and continued westbound, leaving the scene.

Around the same time another highway deputy came across a man who had his vehicle parked on the shoulder. He was waving his arms wildly and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. When the trooper approached him and he wouldn’t remain still. He was waving his arms in the air and kicking his legs. He also rolled his head back and forth and was mumbling.

The trooper noticed his pupils were constricted and there was no smell of an alcoholic beverage. Lloyd failed a series of field sobriety tests and was arrested.

Richard Brady Lloyd was charged with leaving the scene of a crash involving property damage, two counts of driving under the influence with property damage, and driving a motor vehicle without a valid license.

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