Raymond Millwater | Florida Man June 15

Raymond Millwater Was Arrested After Asking For Help From Police To Start Stolen Scooter | June 15

Edgewater: Note to self, when your stolen vehicle breaks down make sure that you don’t ask police for help getting it started. Florida man Raymond Millwater was arrested after police found out the scooter he was on was stolen.

The incident started when police responded to a call after someone reported seeing a possibly intoxicated man pushing a motorcycle down a road in Clearwater.

When they arrived on scene they found Raymond Millwater standing unsteady near the bike. He told them he borrowed it from a man named Chad, but he couldn’t get it to turn on.

Not deterred, Millwater asked officers if he could borrow a screwdriver to get the motor running. They declined. They did, however, contact the owner of the bike. Perhaps not surprisingly, he was not named Chad.

The owner of the bike denied even knowing the man who was on his vehicle. Millwater was arrested and is currently facing charges of grand motor vehicle theft.

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