Pedro Julio Ruiz | Florida Man September 4

Pedro Julio Ruiz Leaves Identification In Grow Op Home He Doesn’t Live In, Gets Arrested For Stealing Nearly $12,000 In Power And Growing Copious Amounts Of Cannabis | September 4

Holiday: A Florida Man who set up a marijuana grow op in a home has been arrested. According to reports the man, Pedro Julio Ruiz, didn’t actually live at the home he was growing in.

Ruiz’s personal property was found inside the home during a search of the home. The items included medication with his name on it, misdemeanor probation paperwork in the living room and a power bill in his name.

Deputies say all of the rooms in the home had been converted to grow marijuana, and 24 plants were found growing in one of the rooms.

The electrical company, Duke Energy found a power diversion being used to run multiple air conditioning units and more than 24 ballasts and grow lights.

The company told deputies it estimated the theft to be worth $11,979.73.

Pedro Julio Ruiz was charged with marijuana productions and grand theft of utility services.

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