Nicholas Ryan Murray | Florida Man August 29

Nicholas Ryan Murray Cyberstalked Former Friend, Cries For Her To Talk To Him, Says He’ll Have The Last Laugh, Winds Up In Prison | August 29

Pensacola: A Pensacola man was arrested Wednesday morning after police say he cyberstalked a former friend.  According to reports, Nicholas Ryan Murray’s female friend stated to police she had ended her friendship with Murray on July 25.

Since then, the friend alleges Murray has repeatedly called her and text her, asking to talk.

The woman told police she had told Murray to leave her alone, yet Murray has come to her home and banged on doors and windows, begging her to talk to him.

The woman told police Murray has said, “run your mouth about me and I will have the last laugh,” according to the report. The woman also told police Murray has been seen sitting a parking lot across from her home.

She told police she feels Murray is watching her and keeping track of where she is. 

Nicholas Ryan Murray, 27, was charged with conducting harassing communications via repeated phone calls and cyberstalking another person.

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