Naples Bicycle Thief | Florida Man September 5

Naples Bicycle Thief Steals Bicycle From Repair Shop, Comes Back Minutes Later To Casually Look Around The Store For Items To Purchase | September 5

Naples: A Naples bicycle thief is wanted after stealing a bike that’s worth almost as much as some new cars.

According to reports, the Florida man approached the store while riding his bicycle. Surveillance videos shows the man hopping onto matte black 2020 S-Worksn Tarmac from behind Naples Cyclery.

The bicycle apparently has a worth around $11,000.

The bicycle was brought in by a customer for maintenance work, and it was not locked up at the time of the incident.

Video shows the man coming back minutes later to get the bike he left behind before stealing the bicycle from the shop. It does not end there; the man then went into the store to take a look around.

“Not sure why after he had already made the snatch, but yeah he came back in the shop and we were able to get more of a positive identification on him,” said General Manager and Co-Owner, Peter Warrick-Marsh.

The store owners are hoping someone can identify the Naples bicycle thief so they can get the bike back. If you have any information, you are urged to call the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

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