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Florida Man June 24 Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson Was Acquitted Of Attempting To Electrocute Wife, Found Guilt Of Other Charges | June 24

Bunnell: Shocking; a jury has acquitted 33-year-old Michael Wilson of attempted murder in what investigators called a plot to electrocute his estranged wife. The man attempted to rig their front door with wires in a plot that sounds like it came from a Home Alone movie.

Prosecutors said the December 2017 scheme involved rigging a makeshift electrical conduit at their home. The man’s ex wife never touched the door and became suspicious when he told her not to let their daughter near it.

Michael Wilson testified he set up the trap because video surveillance cameras were missing. The jury decided that the man wasn’t trying to electrocute his estranged wife.

They did convict Wilson of stealing a gun from the home and of misdemeanor attempted battery against Ashley Wilson, who was pregnant at the time. He faces up to six years in prison when sentenced in August.

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