Michael and Adonis Canales | Florida Man June 28

Florida Man June 28 Michael and Adonis Canales

Michael and Adonis Canales Were Arrested After An Argument With A Driver Turned Into Weapons Being Thrown | June 28

Hialeah: It’s always good to hear when siblings have each others back. It’s not so nice to hear when they had each others back while beating up a driver after a road rage incident. Michael and Adonis Canales were arrested after attacking a driver who they got into an argument with.

A video obtained by Local 10 News shows a man in a black shirt and light shorts got into some sort of argument with some men in a black Ford Mustang. The men were identified by police as Michael and Adonis Canales.

The twin brothers got out of their car and grabbed a baseball bat and a tire iron from the trunk of their car, while another man got into the driver’s seat of an SUV.

As the man in the SUV pulls out, Michael Canales is seen in the video swinging the bat. The driver is seen in the video frantically trying to get away, even bumping a light pole behind him, before stepping on the gas and running into Michael Canales. Adonis Canales is then seen throwing the tire iron at the fleeing vehicle.

Michael and Adonis Canales brothers were arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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