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Florida Man June 16 Maurice Benn Jr

Maurice Benn Jr Got Into An Argument With A Friend Online, Then Showed Up To His House And Shot Him | June 16

Sorrento: Social media arguments are the norm. Have you ever tried posting your political or religious views? The backlash you get from the is insane. Florida man Maurice Benn Jr got into an argument with a friend on social media over money, then showed up to his home and shot him.

According to reports the shooting took place after two friends from high school got into an argument on social media. Deputies were called out to the 31000 block of County Road 437 in Sorrento on Friday evening after reports of a shooting.

Around 7:35 p.m., deputies say, Maurice Benn Jr., showed up at the victim’s home after the two men had an argument on social media. Jones said Benn claimed the victim owed him money.

The two men got into a verbal argument and Benn pulled out a black, large caliber handgun. Benn shot at the victim three times, hitting him once in the chest.

The victim ran to a relative’s house after the shooting and called 911. At the same time, a witness told deputies that Benn fled the scene on foot. He was found shortly after the shooting. The victim is currently recovering in hospital after receiving surgery to repair a damaged artery.

Benn is currently facing charges of attempted murder.

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