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Florida Man August 1 Mason Bannister

Mason Bannister Goes On Crime Spree, Uses Stolen Credit Card, Headbutts Cashier, Tries To Carjack Woman, Gets Taken Down By K9 | July 31

Manatee: Florida man Mason Bannister was arrested after a one night crime spree in the sunshine state.

According to the man’s arrest report, Bannister began his short-term crime spree around 9:50 p.m. at the Shell gas station. Deputies say Bannister first attempted to open the car door of one of the station’s clerk’s, but it was locked.

He then entered the store and brought items to the front and when he tried to use a credit card, it was declined.

The clerk handed him the receipt indicating the card was declined and Bannister wrote an expletive on the receipt. He then raced around the counter and viciously head butted (the clerk) in the face, propelling him to the floor and knocking out a tooth.

As deputies put out a description of the suspect, a call came in that an attempted carjacking took place in nearby Lakeridge Falls matching Bannister’s description, deputies say. The attempt was unsuccessful as the female driver refused to exit her vehicle.

Deputies say Bannister ran away from the scene and attempted to break into a vehicle in Glenbrooke, at which time deputies were on his trail. The first deputy to reach Bannister was a K-9.

Mason Bannister, 26, of Holmes Beach, faces multiple felonies including carjacking, aggravated battery and burglary charges.

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