Mary Westerlund | Florida Woman August 23

Mary Westerlund Has Cops Called Because She Was Drunk, Bets Officer 25 Cents She’ll Blow Over Legal Limit, Gets Arrested When She Does | August 23

Tierra Del Sol: Florida woman Mary Westerlund was arrested after it was discovered that she was drunk behind the wheel of her car.

According to reports, the incident started when police were called about a woman who appeared to be intoxicated in a vehicle with the engine turned off.

When police questioned the woman, Westerlund tried to bet law enforcement officials she would more than double the state’s legal blood-alcohol limit of .08. She provided two breath alcohol samples of .229 and .210.

Prior to starting the breath test the defendant advised she wanted to bet the the Intoxilyzer operator a quarter that she would blow a .190 BAC.

Westerlund was taken into custody near The Villages retirement community where she lived after police decided a sobriety test could be more safely administered at the Sumter County Detention Center. The arresting officer claimed to smell alcohol on her breath while she was shouting.

Once the testing started, the suspect lost her balance four times during the instructional phase alone, cops said. It got worse from there.

“The defendant began the exercise before I advised her to start,” the police report stated. “When I advised her to start, she started counting with the number three. She attempted the exercise three times and lost her balance a total of eight times.”

Mary Westerlund was arrested for driving under the influence and resisting arrest.

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