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Florida woman August 8 Mary Magdalene Jackson

Mary Magdalene Jackson Didn’t Want To Take Her Kids To Grandma’s House; So She Paid A Meth Head To Drive Them Instead | August 8

Chilton County, ALA: Bizarre incident leads to the arrest of Florida woman Mary Magdalene Jackson and a Florida man she paid to transport her children.

The incident started when a concerned citizen called police Sunday morning to ask them to look into the situation at a gas station, located in Verbena.

When a deputy arrived, he found a man and three kids asleep inside the vehicle. The deputy asked the driver to step from the vehicle after determining there was possible drug use. The man, later identified as Michael David Howard, of Milton, Florida, sent up red flags for the deputy when he couldn’t provide the names of the kids or any information about them.

A search of the man and the vehicle lead to the discovery of meth and a meth pipe and he was arrested on two drug charges. It was later determined Howard has multiple out-of-state felony drug convictions.

While searching the vehicle, Mayfield said investigators found a piece of cardboard with a note on it that appeared to provide permission from the kids’ mother for Howard to transport them from Florida to their grandmother’s home in Ohio.

Investigators spoke with the mother, Mary Magdalene Jackson, of Pensacola, Florida, but she contradicted Howard’s assertions that he was not related to the kids. Mayfield said she indicated he was their uncle.

Jackson traveled north from Florida to Chilton County Monday to speak with DHR about her children and police arrested her. Mary Magdalene Jackson was arrested and charged her with three counts of child torture/willful abuse.

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