Mark Piecewicz | Florida Man June 8

Mark Piecewicz Was Arrested After Swinging Hammer At Police, Striking One In The Shoulder | June 8

Florida man Mark Piecewicz is accused of striking a Spartanburg County deputy with a hammer while resisting arrest.

According to reports Mark Piecewicz was holding a hammer when deputies arrived at a home on Riverrun Drive in Spartanburg. Deputies say they were called to the scene saying a suspicious person was making death threats. When police arrived they found Piecewicz pacing with the hammer.

Police ordered Piecewicz to drop the hammer, but he reportedly refused to comply. He continued to wave the hammer while hurling threats against deputies. One deputy’s taser failed to deploy, but SCSO says another deputy’s worked and hit Piecewicz, causing him to lock up.

At one point, deputies say he swung the hammer over his shoulder, hitting one deputy in the forearm. Another taser was deployed to Piecewicz’s back, and deputies eventually disarmed him. After a further struggle, Piecewicz was taken into custody.

He’s currently facing charges of threatening a public official, resisting arrest with assault, 2nd degree assault and battery.

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