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Florida Woman June 30 Maria Lares-Molina

Maria Lares-Molina Was Arrested After Pretending To Be An FBI Agent, Scams Woman Out Of $40,000 | June 30

Stamford: Scam artists can be extremely creative when it comes to duping people out of money. Florida woman Maria Lares-Molina is facing charges after she scammed a woman out of over $40,000 after claiming to work for the FBI.

The victim was called the day before at her Stamford home by a woman who identified herself as FBI agent Lisa Smith. She said someone had stolen the Stamford woman’s identity and used it to rent cars and open bank accounts in Texas and Pennsylvania. One of the cars rented under her name had been searched by police who found drugs and cocaine in it.

The woman was told to go to her bank and quickly wire $40,000 into a JP Morgan Chase bank account in Miami, Fla. If she did not send the money, she was told she would be arrested and sent to Texas where she would face 30 years in prison.

The next morning the woman was contacted by the same two people and she demanded to see them in the FBI’s Bridgeport office. When she got to the office, she realized she had been scammed and the FBI agents told the woman that they have seen this happen many times.

Police were able to determine the account the $40,000 had been wired into was controlled by Maria Lares-Molina of Medley Florida. Lares-Molina was charged with first-degree larceny and held in lieu of $500,000 bond.

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