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Florida Man July 11 Luis Christopher Peynado-Fatiol

Traffic Tickled Luis Christopher Peynado Fatiol The Wrong Way, He Shot At A Van That Wouldn’t Let Him Change Lanes | July 11

Osecola: We’ve all been in a situation where we get a bit of road rage when we don’t get our way on the road. Florida man Luis Christopher Peynado Fatiol was arrested after shooting at a van that wouldn’t let him change lanes.

Fatiol told police he was on the interstate when he attempted to change lanes. He said a white van came up behind his Honda Accord, which stopped him from changing lanes. After Fatiol moved over, he said he believed the driver hit the back of his car. Fatiol then pulled over and left his car with the door open.

The Honda driver said the van drove around, and almost hit, him. The van hit the left side driver door, according to the Orlando Sentinel. In an attempt to make the driver slow down, Fatiol said he re-entered his car and drove after the van. But the driver apparently wouldn’t stop.

Fatiol took a black 9mm handgun, which he fitted with a magazine, from his glove compartment. As he drove down the turnpike, Fatiol shot at the van. The suspect told Florida Highway Patrol he discharged his firearm “in an attempt to stop the van.”

The bullets struck the van but didn’t hit any individuals. Osceola County police officers arrested Fatiol two miles from the scene of the shooting.

Luis Christopher Peynado Fatiol faces charges including attempted felony murder, discharging a gun from a vehicle and shooting into a vehicle.

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