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Florida Woman June 17 Lisamarie Charles

Lisamarie Charles Was Arrested After A Maintenance Worker Saw Her Pit Bull Living In Horrible Conditions | June 17

Sunrise: It’s been said that raising a dog is like raising a child. Florida woman Lisamarie Charles is the type of person who should not be raising another life form, human or otherwise.

According to reports Lisamarie Charles was arrested and taken into custody after her pit bull was found living in horrid conditions. Police were tipped off about the woman’s dog being kept in a small cage covered in it’s own feces.

The dog’s living conditions were first noticed by a maintenance worker who was in Charles’ apartment fixing an air filter. Upon entering the apartment that reeked of urine and feces, police found the dog in a cage that would not allow it to stand upright with bones protruding through its skin.

The dog, which appeared to be about 30 lbs. underweight, also had blood coming through the nose and tail. The arrest report says it was apparent the dog was subjected to “long periods of repeated malnutriton and mistreatment.”

The dog has since been named McCarthy after the police officer who rescued him. 

Charles was arrested and is currently facing animal cruelty charges.

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