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Chaos In The Kitchen, Lindsey Warren Was Arrested After Hitting Her Husband In The Head With A Frying Pan | July 1

Gainesville: When most couples get into an argument they’re able to talk through the issues that they’re having. Florida woman Lindsey Warren was arrested after she struck her husband in the head with a frying pan during an argument.

According to police Lindsey Warren and her husband were arguing at their home. The Warren asked her husband to leave as she began to grow increasingly angry.

She then began chasing him with a chair as he tried to leave, the report said, before dropping the chair and picking up a 9-inch frying pan. She struck the man once on the back and once on his right hand, police said. An officer who responded to the scene later saw a red mark on his upper back where he had been hit.

He fled and called the police, but Warren had locked herself inside when they arrived.

Lindsey Warren was arrested and is charged with aggravated battery and resisting an officer without violence.

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