Levar Diego Thompson | Florida Man June 19

Florida Man June 19 Levar Diego Thompson

Levar Diego Thompson Was Arrested After A Sharp Nosed K9 Discovered 2.2 Lbs Of Cocaine In His Car | June 19

Lumberton: Rule #1 of transporting illegal drugs: make sure that you follow the rules of the road. Florida man Levar Diego Thompson was arrested after police discovered of 2.2 pounds of cocaine in his vehicle.

Levar Diego Thompson was pulled over by state troopers after an officer witnessed him driving too close to the vehicle in front of him. During the stop the trooper had reasonable suspicion to deploy a drug K9.

The dog immediately alerted the officer to the presence of a drug in the man’s Chevrolet Tahoe. A search of the vehicle led the officer to discover 2.2 pounds of cocaine in the vehicle.

Thompson is charged with trafficking in cocaine by transport, trafficking in cocaine by possession, possession with intent to sale and deliver cocaine, maintaining a drug vehicle, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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