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Kyle Clark-Lightly Broke Into Home Of Deceased Woman, Stole Over $85,000 Worth Of Jewelry | July 17

Sumter County: They say that a lot of crimes happen as a result of opportunity. Florida man Kyle Clark-Lightly took advantage of an opportunity when he learned a woman had passed away.

According to reports, the man broke into the woman’s home once he learned of her passing and stole over $85.000 worth of jewelry.

Deputies said the woman who lived at the home died on May 27. On June 20, her family came to Florida for a celebration of life event and noticed that some of her heirloom items were missing as they cleaned out her home.

The woman left a letter before her passing that willed a number of items including a diamond ring, various earrings, a diamond heart, bracelets and other valuables. The keepsakes were meant to go to different members of the family.

The jewelry, estimated to be worth $85,000, was all missing from the home, according to the report. Family members said it’s possible that more items were taken because they didn’t have a full inventory of the woman’s belongings.

Kyle Clark-Lightly, 24, was able to access the home repeatedly because his mother used to clean and dog sit for the woman so he had the garage door code. He took the jewelry and pawned it, according to the report.

He was arrested and is facing a charge of grand theft.

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