Kevin Sciallias | Florida Man August 25

Kevin Sciallias Gets Caught Prowling In Backyards Cutting Power To Homes, Can’t Tell Police Why, Gets Arrested | August 25

New Port Richey: Florida man Kevin Sciallias after police caught the man “prowling” behind homes late at night Wednesday while cutting off electricity to homes.

According to reports, residents called deputies saying a man was turning off the electric through the electrical box behind the homes. Deputies say it gave them reasonable concern for the safety of the residents and properties. 

Sciallias, 40, was found with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. When deputies asked what he was doing, he couldn’t give them an answer and wouldn’t speak to them.

Kevin Sciallias was arrested and charged with loitering and prowling. He was taken into custody and sent to the Land O’ Lakes detention facility. 

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