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Florida woman August 2 Katie Lamothe

Katie Lamothe Tries To Use Lyft As Getaway, Driver Refuses Prompting Her To Call Uber | August 2

Pinellas: Florida woman Katie Lamothe found herself behind bars after she allegedly tried to steal a vape device from a gas station. She then tried to flee in a Lyft vehicle.

According to reports, Lamothe went into the Exxon station in Pinellas Park on Tuesday and asked to purchase a Juul electronic cigarette. She then left the store with the item without paying the estimated $43.

When Lamothe returned to the vehicle, Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies say the Lyft driver refused to leave. She then called for an Uber driver and started to leave the scene, only to be found inside a van in a nearby parking lot.

Katie Lamothe was charged with retail theft after admitting to the crime.

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