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Florida Woman June 7 Katherine Weitz

Katherine Weitz Was Arrested After Shaking And Slapping Children, Saying She Lost Her Temper | June 7

Note to self, children are not shake weights. Florida woman Katherine Weitz was busted after she was caught on surveillance video tossing and shaking young children.

Police have said that video showed Katherine Weitz picking up a child “roughly by the arms” and tossing the youngster back down on a cot. Weitz also “vigorously shakes” a child three times.

She is also seen “roughly” pushing the head of a child into the cot, throwing the blanket over the child and walking away.

Later, Weitz grabs a child by the arms and tosses it onto the back of a cot. She then uses her right hand to slap the child “across the left side of her face,” according to authorities.

Weitz allegedly admitted to supervisers that “I went a little overboard.” Authorities say none of the children were injured. Weitz was fired and asked to leave the facility. The four victims’ parents said they were horrified by what they saw in the surveillance footage and they wished to pursue charges to ensure that Weitz could no longer work with children.

She’s currently facing charges of child abuse.

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