Juul Thief | Florida Man June 22

Florida Man June 22 juul thief sought

Police Searching For Florida Man Who Stole Juuls From A Convenience Story | June 22

Davie: It seems as though criminals are getting dumber and dumber. A Florida man, who we’re calling the Juul Thief, is being sought by police after he stole a display from a convenience store in Davie.

The convenience store clerk was in a back room and didn’t see the customer who grabbed a vaping display case from the counter. The Juul thief ran out the door — but the security surveillance system recorded the incident.

Davie police released the video and other images in the hopes that someone will lead detectives to the electronic cigarette thief.

The video shows a glasses-wearing young man with a man bun hair style and a green Hollister T-shirt and long pants standing at the checkout counter.

The contents of the Juul vaping display are worth about $817, according to police.

We aren’t really sure if the man confused the vaping Juul with an actual jewel that would have a value that would be worth taking. When this donkey is brought to justice, it’s a question that will have to be asked.

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