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Justin Delp Is A Willy Wonka Wannabee; Robs Concession Stand Gives Out Hundreds Of Treats For Free, Flees The Area | August 24

Daytona Beach: Florida man Justin Delp is being sought by police after allegedly rummaging through the concession stand and handing out what ultimately amounted to $1,240 worth of goods.

The free booty includes nine gallons of ice cream, three trays of caramel apples, three trays of candy apples, 12 bags of cotton candy, six two-liter bottles of soda, 13 boxes of candy, two boxes of Oreo cookies, four boxes of Twinkies and four boxes of frozen bananas.

The concession store manager arrived on scene the morning after the incident and called police.

Lori Slaight said this was the third burglary since she started managing the business less than three months ago. She also said she could see some of the trash from what was taken left behind on the boardwalk.

While officers were on scene, a homeless man approached them and said the unknown man, later identified as Delp, had given him a bag of cotton candy and a bottle of soda. The man then jumped out of the kiosk’s window and ran from the area.

Police previously encountered Delp a year ago and charged him with violating a municipal ordinance for having an open container of alcohol in a public place to which Delp pleaded no contest.

Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating Justin Delp and are recommending that he turn himself in.

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