Justin Anthony Manno | Florida Man July 21

Florida Man July 21 Justin Anthony Manno

Justin Anthony Manno Was Riding A Bicycle Without Read And White Lights, Screams And Flees From Police; Is Arrested | July 21

Ocala: Florida man Justin Anthony Manno was arrested after fleeing from police when they tried to question him about his bicycle.

Deputies were conducting proactive patrols in the 5300 block of E Silver Springs Boulevard when they spotted 28-year-old Justin Anthony Manno. The man was riding a bicycle without any red or white lights.

He was seen riding from the south side of the roadway to the north side and then westbound down the sidewalk. Deputies stopped Manno and he dismounted his bicycle and started yelling at them about being pulled over.

He got back on his bike and started riding eastbound. Deputies then pulled up next to him in a patrol car and he dismounted his bike, yelled “I’m done” and started running southbound between a fence and building.

Police pursued Manno and gave him commands to stop running. He eventually was apprehended at the southwest corner of a building at 5280 E Silver Springs Blvd., where he was placed on the ground and handcuffed.

Manno begin to resist arrest by pushing off the side of the patrol vehicle. Deputies quickly regained control of him and he was placed in the backseat of the vehicle. After being read his rights, he told deputies he fled from them because has an active warrant.

He was arrested and is charged with resisting an officer without violence and the outstanding a warrant for retail petit theft.

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