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Florida Man June 19 Joshua Polit

Joshua Polit Becomes Jason Borne, Takes 5 Hits From Taser To Be Stunned Enough For Officers To Arrest Him | June 19

Manatee: Drugs can make people do inhumane things. So can balls of steel. Florida man Joshua Polit is facing charges after police had to taser him 5 times before he was stunned enough for them to arrest him.

Polit’s roommate let deputies into the residence and they approached Polit’s bedroom at the same he was coming out. He immediately went to grab something from his pocket and a deputy seized his wrist. Polit resisted despite several verbal commands to stop resisting and the situation escalated quickly. One deputy “drive stunned Joshua in the chest a few times.”

Drive stunned is when a law enforcement officer places a Taser against a suspect without firing the projectiles.

The taser didn’t affect Polit and he had a look of rage in his eyes, according to an arrest report. Polit then “threw” the two deputies off of him, punching one and pushing another onto a nearby coffee table, shattering it. As Polit was engaged with one of the deputies, another deployed his Taser, stricking Polit in the chest, deputies say, but it had no effect.

The second deputy then fired his Taser at Polit. The report states he fell to the ground, but got up immediately, ran down the hallway and then spun back around, in a fighting position.

Deputies say he then punched a third deputy in the face, at which time Polit was pepper sprayed, with little effect. He wiped his face, took another swing at a deputy and then fled the residence through a window.

Other deputies located Polit where he had to be shot with a Taser two more times before he hit the ground where deputies were able to arrest him.

Polit is facing multiple charges of battery on a police officer.

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