Joshua John Leff | Florida Man June 16

Joshua John Leff Was Arrested After Trying To Incite Race War Online, Gets Blasted By Family | June 16

Fort Myers: It appears as though racism is still alive and thriving in Florida. Florida man Joshua John Leff’s social media posts threatened violence against African-Americans, Jews and homosexuals. He also urged his followers to start a race war.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents received a tip that Joshua John Leff of Fort Myers was posting statements and videos that were meant to incite violence against several minority groups on social media sites.

Leff was showing hatred toward several minority groups, threatened violence against those who disagreed with him and encouraged followers to start a race war.

When deputies searched Leff’s home on Friday they found two guns, two .380 magazines and ammunition and handgun holsters. Videos showed Leff, a convicted felon, with multiple weapons and his writings praised mass shooters and said he wished they had killed more people.

Leff was arrested at his home and charged with intimidation by sending written threats to kill and possession of a weapon and ammo by a convicted felon.

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