Joseph Howard Bryant | Florida Man July 25

Florida Man July 25 Joseph Howard Bryant

Joseph Howard Bryant Stole A Land Rover, Rammed Into Police Vehicles, Rear Ends Vehicle On The Interstate And Got Arrested | July 25

West Palm Beach: A Tuesday evening police chase through West Palm Beach left a trail of damage in its wake and sent three people, including a police officer, to the hospital. Florida man Joseph Howard Bryant was arrested after the chaos he caused.

According to police the incident started when a silver Land Rover Discovery was stolen after it was left running at a Valero gas station. A man and a woman took off in the stolen vehicle, officers spotted them at Iris Street and South Tamarind Avenue.

The suspects drove off, knocking over a light pole, crashing into three police cruisers and took off jumping on Interstate 95 at Okeechobee Boulevard.

The stolen vehicle rear-ended a vehicle on I-95 near the Belvedere Road exit, a police spokesperson says the suspects were apprehended within seconds on the interstate. Both the male and female suspects, along with one officer, whose cruiser was hit by the suspects, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries, police say.

Joseph Howard Bryant faces multiple charges of battery, assault, felony hit and run and grand theft auto.

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