Joseph Bieniek | Florida Man October 16

Joseph Bieniek Steals Golf Cart, Breaks Into Warehouse Of Former And Strips Down Before Taking A Shower, Gets Caught Naked With Hammer | October 16

Cape Coral: A Cape Coral man is accused of breaking into a Fort Myers business using a forklift, smashing windows with a hammer and stripping down inside. The incident ended with the man Joseph Bieniek, 24, standing in a warehouse naked with a hammer in his hand.

According to reports, the events started on Saturday night when Bieniek was seen going inside the United Plumbing warehouse and taking out a golf cart. He drove the golf cart to the front of another business, iMold Water Damage & Mold Restoration SWFL.

Bieniek then drove a forklift into iMold’s fence to bust inside. Once he got in the fenced-in area, Bieniek was caught on surveillance cameras taking a hammer to box truck windows, the glass front door of the business and a side window in the building.

He then stripped down in a neighboring warehouse bathroom and took a shower. When a worker heard loud bangs and came out of his office to investigate, he found Bieniek standing naked in the warehouse with a hammer in his hand. Bieniek put on a blue United Plumbing polo, which he was later arrested in.

Deputies responded and cornered the man inside an office. He refused to put down the hammer, so K9 Kilo took him down.

Joseph Bieniek is facing charges of burglary and criminal mischief with more than $1,000 worth of damages.

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