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Florida man August 22 Jorge Infante-Acosta

Jorge Infante-Acosta Whips It Out On The Highway, Follows Woman For Miles While Touching Himself, Tells Officer “This Is My Property I Do What I Want” | August 22

Polk County: Florida Man Jorge Infante-Acosta was arrested on Wednesday after he was caught masturbating while following a female motorist on westbound I-4, according to an FHP report.

Troopers pulled over 32-year-old Infante-Acosta around 11:30 a.m. after the victim called police and reported him.

According to an arrest report, Acosta was observed by troopers driving down I-4 while looking at the victim in another lane and appearing to masturbate. The trooper pulled Acosta over and approached the passenger’s side window.

The trooper saw Acosta with his pants down, looking out of the drivers side window while trying to put his sexual organs away, not knowing the officer was at the passenger side window observing him.

When asked what he was doing, Acosta told troopers, “This is my property, I can do what I want,” before adding, “I’m sick, I have a problem.”

The victim told troopers Acosta began following her at mile marker 78 in Orlando. He was pulled over at mile marker 38.

She told troopers Acosta was driving directly behind her, adding that he pulled up to the inside lane multiple times. She told troopers he began following her more aggressively when he saw that she realized what he was doing.

Jorge Infante-Acosta faces charges for indecent exposure and exposure of sexual organs. He was also cited for not wearing his seat belt.

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