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Florida Man June 10 John Toddy

John Toddy Was Arrested For Drunken Outburst At Restaurant, Flipping Off Patrons | June 10

Collier County: Going out to eat can be a challenge sometimes. You never know if there will be a crying baby, poor service or in this case, a drunk Florida man. John Toddy is facing charges after an outburst at the Latino America Restaurant.

According to reports the suspect John Toddy started his escapade by slamming on the menu sign that was outside of the restaurant. Toddy then entered the restaurant and stood up on chairs. He stuck up his middle finger towards patrons and started shouting at everyone.

Police were called to the scene by staff at the establishment. When they arrived they described Toddy as having bloodshot watery eyes and slurred speech.

He told deputies when they confronted him, “get back in your fucking car and go to Dunkin’ Donuts.”

John Toddy is currently facing charges of disorderly intoxication.

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