John Owens | Florida Man July 12

Florida Man July 12 John Owens

John Owens Was Arrested After Months Of Dressing Like A Woman, Stealing Baby Formula | July 12

Lee County: Back in May we reported about a man who had dressed up as Madea to steal baby formula from a number of Publix stores throughout Florida. Police have finally caught up with the man John Owens who is accused of being the Blue Bonnet bandit.

Witnesses at several Publix stores identified Owens as the suspect who stole or attempted to steal powdered baby formula canisters. One manager confirmed he is the man accused of wearing a blue bonnet as part of a disguise during the theft.

A manager at the Publix on Bonita Beach Road says Owens stole as many as 30 cans of formula in three incidents on June 4th, 5th, and 11th.

A manager at a Publix on Palm Beach Boulevard in Fort Myers recognized Owens as the suspect in a theft at that store and referred to him as “blue bonnet”. In some of the thefts, Owens was said to be wearing a “Rasta” hat and fake beard.

John Owens was arrested and is facing several charges, including three counts of Grand Theft.

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