John F. Morgan | Florida Man June 12

John F. Morgan Was Arrested After Dancing Naked Outside McDonald’s, Tries To Have Sex With Railing | June 12

Miami Beach: Most being choose to walk around their homes naked, some enjoy the freedom of doing it at a nude beach. Florida man John F. Morgan was content doing it in public, outside a McDonald’s fast food restaurant.

Police were called to the scene after receiving calls about a male taking his clothes off and dancing strangely outside a McDonald’s on Tamiami Trail. Witnesses believe the man, identified as John F. Morgan, looked as though he was trying to have sexual relations with a railing.

Deputies recognized the man whom they have had contact with in the past. He has a history of trespassing arrests, and had been warned the night before to stay away from this restaurant.

Morgan was placed under arrest and charged with trespass on property other than structure.

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