Jennifer Pulliam | Florida Woman July 16

Jennifer Pulliam Trespassed At Circle K, Sped Away From The Scene, Crashed Her Car, Was Arrested And Tased | July 16

St Augustine: What started out as a warning about trespassing for a Florida woman turned into a scene of chaos. Jennifer Pulliam was arrested after fleeing from the scene, running stop signs and crashing her vehicle before being tased and arrested.

According to reports the woman was given a trespass notice for the Circle K earlier in the week. When employees recognized the woman in the store they told her she wasn’t allowed in the store and called police.

She ran outside and sped away before deputies arrived on the scene. According to witnesses, she drove through multiple stop signs and struck another vehicle before finally crashing her vehicle behind a local business.

A report states that Jennifer Pulliam then got out of the car, ran and had to be tased by a St. Augustine police officer before she could be arrested.

Jennifer Pulliam was booked into the St. Johns County Jail on charges of leaving the scene of a crash with an injury, resisting an officer and trespassing.

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