Jaylen Alexander | Florida Man July 19

Jaylen Alexander Tried To Car Jack An Elderly Man; His Getaway Failed Because He Couldn’t Drive Stick Shift | July 19

Orlando: Note to self, when attempting to car jack someone.. make sure you know how to drive stick shift. Florida man Jaylen Alexander had his getaway dashed when he car jacked an elderly man and realized that he couldn’t drive stick shift.

The incident occurred Tuesday when an elderly man left his car running with the keys in the ignition while he was putting his walker into the trunk. According to a police report Jaylen Alexander allegedly attacked the elderly man, slamming the hood of the trunk on his chest and his walker.

Alexander is accused of then getting into the man’s car, locking the doors and trying to drive away. After stalling multiple times, Alexander left the car and took off running.

A few minutes later, Alexander allegedly stole a car from a health care clinic across the street. The driver had left her car running while she went to get her mother from inside.

Deputies say they chased Alexander, eventually catching him across town.

Jaylen Alexander is charged with carjacking, battery on a person age 65 or older and grand theft of a motor vehicle, Orange County court records show.

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