Jawan Davis And Jordon Dunn | Florida Man September 10

Jawan Davis And Jordon Dunn Were Upset That Their Burgers Were Cold, So They Pulled A Gun On The McDonald’s Employee; Claim They “Don’t Play About Their Food” | September 10

Palm Coast: Cooking food at home can be a hassle, which is why restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s exploded with popularity. While most people are forgiving if a mistake is made, Florida men Jawan Davis And Jordon Dunn were not.

According to reports, the men pulled into a Palm Coast McDonald’s drive-thru before dawn Monday and threatened the drive-thru cashier with a gun for giving them cold food.

The men were on a joy ride when they stopped at the fast-food restaurant early Monday. The arrest report states they ordered five hamburgers, but Davis felt they were cold. He became upset and demanded they be remade.

That’s when the men both flashed firearms at the drive-thru employee and threatened him, the cashier told deputies. Davis said, “I don’t play about my food.”

The cashier agreed to remake the burgers, and went to call 9-1-1. Deputies arrived while the suspects were still waiting in their car in the drive-thru line. Officers seized a BB gun, an unloaded handgun and a small bag of marijuana from the vehicle.

The suspects admitted they became unhappy about the food being cold and displayed their weapons. But Davis told officers he and Dunn were simply joking with the McDonald’s worker when they flashed their guns.

Jawan Davis Jr. and Jordon Dunn, both 20, were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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