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Florida Man June 18 Jason Troy Lane

Jason Troy Lane Was Arrested Nearly Two Years After Spying On 15 Year Old Girl, Recording Video Of Her Showering | June 18

Satsuma: A voyeur from Florida has finally been brought to justice. Florida man Jason Troy Lane was arrested and is facing charges nearly two years after his victim saw disturbing videos of her showering on his cell phone.

According to the complaint affidavit, the teenage girl was visiting Lane’s home off Highway 17 in early June 2017. The girl was taking a shower when Jason Troy Lane slid a cellphone under the bathroom door and recorded videos and took photos.

The girl told investigators that she discovered the images by accident. She said her cellphone battery died, so she had to use Lane’s phone to contact her parent or legal guardian.

While holding his phone, the girl said she discovered disturbing images and six disturbing videos that were recorded while she was in the shower. The girl said she then put the phone down and tried to act normal.

The case was sent to the State Attorney’s Office, where prosecutors got a judge to sign a warrant for Lane’s arrest in late August 2017. Police had been looking for Lane since the warrant was signed.

Lane is currently facing one count of video voyeurism on the 15 year old girl.

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