Jasmine Cassandra Jones | Florida Woman July 16

Jasmine Cassandra Jones Defrauded Multiple Customers From The Bank She Works At, Taking Nearly $50,000 | July 16

Lake City: A Florida woman and her partner were arrested for fraud. According to reports the woman Jasmine Cassandra Jones was a teller at the VyStar Credit Union. She and her partner defrauded customers out of almost $50,000.

The withdrawals started back on June 14, 2019, and kept on going until a customer alerted authorities of possible fraudulent activity on their account. Officers reviewed surveillance video of multiple bank transactions between Jones and her partner Stevlein Stephon Bivins on different occasions.

Officers went to Jones’s home and no one was answering the door, but just as officers were leaving, Bivins was found in the parking lot and arrested for questioning.

Bivins admitted that he was coming to visit Jones because she had called him and told him that police were knocking on her door. Jones eventually exited her apartment and was also arrested for questioning. Bivins would appear as the account holder, making transactions in Jones’ teller line while she was working at VyStar.

Jones would withdraw the money and give the cash to Bivins. The two made seven transactions for a total of $49,800.00 on two different accounts. Both have been arrested.

Stevlein Stephon Bivins and Jasmine Cassandra Jones were both arrested and are facing multiple counts of fraud.

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