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Haley Hassell Posts Daughter’s Meltdown Punishment Where She Actually Parents Child On The Line, Goes Viral | August 26

Pensacola: Parents are applauding one Florida mom for sharing the candid moment when her child’s mini meltdown sparked a lesson in gratitude. Haley Hassell of Pensacola took to Facebook Aug. 13 to post about how her daughter tossed her brand new pencil case in the trash.

Hassell said she was shopping for school supplies for her 6-year-old, who recently started first grade. Presleigh had been asking for an LOL-brand pencil box, which Hassell tracked down after looking in three different stores.

When Hassell showed her daughter the pencil case, she began throwing a tantrum, throwing the newly purchased case in the trash and slamming her bedroom door.

Though shocked and upset about her daughter’s reaction, Hassell maintained her cool. She then came back with a new pencil case - a ziploc bag with her name written on it.

Hassell told her daughter they’d be sending the pencil case to a child who truly needed it. Hassell’s post garnered 123,000 likes, 56,000 shares and nearly 500 comments from parents praising her parenting tactics.

“Having a positive outlook can make or break you in life — I want her to know that,” Hassell said. “Nothing is going to be easy, but when something is given to you, you’ve got to be grateful.”

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