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Florida Man June 8 Gregory Palermo and Donald Lee Morrison

Gregory Palermo and Donald Lee Morrison Buried A Friend Who Overdosed To Avoid Jail, Are Later Arrested For Hiding Body | June 8

Florida men Gregory Palermo and Donald Lee Morrison were partying hard with a friend. That friend overdosed and passed away. Rather than call the police to the scene, the men buried their friend in the back yard.

Deputies said the men tampered with evidence and didn’t report the death because they were worried they’d get in trouble for drugs. What Gregory Palermo and Donald Lee Morrison didn’t realize is that there’s a state law that protects a person from investigation for drugs if they report an overdose at their house.

However there is no protection if you try to hide or bury a body. The victim was found buried nearly 10 feet deep in Palmero’s backyard. 

“He admitted to it, confessed to burying the body, showed us where he buried the body,” homicide Sgt. Joseph Covell said. Autopsy information in an arrest report shows Boone died of an overdose of methamphetamine and fentanyl.

The pair are facing charges of tampering with pjysical evidence, mishandling dead human remains, and failure to report a death

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