Gerald Maurice Waller | Florida Man June 29

Florida Man June 29 Gerald Maurice Waller

Attention Walmart Shoppers; Gerald Maurice Waller Was Arrested After Exposing Himself In The Home Goods Aisle | June 29

Port St Lucie: Attention Walmart shoppers, we have the honey hog ham on display in the Home Goods aisle. Florida man Gerald Maurice Waller was arrested for exposing himself to a female shopper in the Home Goods section of Walmart.

Police say he was pretending to shop when he spotted the woman at one end of the aisle before he exposed himself. She was startled and screamed as she left the aisle to locate an employee for help, according to police.

Police arrived on scene and were able to easily identify the man. He was arrested at the scene.

Gerald Maurice Waller is charged with indecent exposure and disturbing the peace.

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