Florida Woman May 16 Tammy Curran

Florida woman May 16 Tammy Curran

A Florida Woman Was Arrested After Agreeing To Have Sex With An Undercover Detective

A Florida woman was arrested on prostitution and drug charges after allegedly agreeing to have sex with an undercover detective.

The woman, Tammy Curran, was charged after detectives noticed had an advertisement posted online. The website is known by investigators to be used for promoting prostitution and sex trafficking.

Detectives responded to the advertisement and when Curran replied she indicated what sex acts she was willing to perform and for how much. The arrangement was made to engage in sex for one hour in exchange for $220.

Instead of meeting a John, Curran met with an undercover detective at the hotel. Once she met the detective, she was arrested for prostitution. She told police that there were drugs in her room and gave them permission to search it. Police located a small amount of marijuana and a smoking device in the room.

She’s currently facing prostitution and drug charges.

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