Florida Woman June 4 Keriah Giomi

Florida Woman June 4 Keriah Giomi

Keriah Giomi Was Arrested For Stabbing A Man Multiple Times With A Hunting Knife… While Naked

I’ve always been a fan of walking around the house naked. There’s something freeing about it. But for some people, bad shit happens when they party naked.

A Florida woman has been arrested after she stripped naked and cut a man multiple times with a hunting knife. According to reports, the man was at the woman’s home in her bathroom when he heard her screaming.

He went to check on her to make sure she was ok. The woman, Keriah Giomi, was apparently standing in the middle of the room naked with a hunting knife that had a hook on the end of it. She yelled, “Jehovah” and tried to stab the man in the stomach.

The victim tried to grab the knife but was cut on the hand. He tried to run, but she locked him inside the house. While he tried to escape, she cut him across the back multiple times.

He managed to lock her inside a room and escaped the house, getting someone to drive him to Sacred Heart Hospital. Witnesses in the neighborhood reported hearing them arguing and one neighbor saw her naked outside chasing the man.

Giomi is currently facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill and false imprisonment.

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