Florida Man May 9 2019

Florida Man May 9 2019 5 - David Brasher

A Florida Man Was Sentenced To Federal Prison For Two Bank Robberies, Attempted Carjacking

A Florida man convicted of two bank robberies and an attempted carjacking was sentenced to federal prison on Wednesday.

The man, David Brasher, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison. The judge ordered he be under supervised release for three years after he completes his original sentence. He was also ordered to pay over $18,000 in restitution.

The charges were in relation to a bank robbery in October 2018. Brasher walked into the bank and slipped the employee a note. He demanded money, claiming to have a bomb and also showed the teller a gun.

Then in November 2018 Brasher targeted another bank, this time it was a Bank of America in Fort Lauderdale. He used the same ruse as the robbery in October.

He was eventually arrested by Fort Lauderdale Police and he was taken into federal custody. It was a joint effort between the FBI and Fort Lauderdale Police that led to his capture.

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