Florida Man May 9 2019

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Pointing A Gun At A Driver Who Turned In Front Of A School Bus

A Florida man was arrested and is facing charges after deputies say he pointed a gun at a driver accused of turning in front of his daughter’s school bus.

According to reports the man, Daniel Carroll, followed the victim home and yelled that the driver was putting his daughter in danger. The man was upset because the victim had turned left in front of a school bus while it was picking up kids.

The victim told deputies Carroll said he was not going to “get away with this.” According to the arrest report, Carroll pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim. He then got back into his vehicle and drove away.

Carroll told deputies he was upset because “several people” have been “speeding past his daughter’s bus stop.” The arrest report says Carroll claimed the victim balled his fists and “charged at him aggressively.”

Carroll told deputies he was in fear and pulled his gun out as he backed away, an arrest report says. He also said the victim yelled at him to shoot him. He’s currently facing an aggravated assault charge.