Florida Man May 8 2019

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Driving A Lawn Mower While Drunk, Crashing Into Police Car

A Florida man, driving a riding lawnmower while drunk, got arrested after crashing into a police car in a parking lot.

A police officer was in a convenience store Saturday evening when he heard a loud noise in the parking lot.

He walked outside to find the man, Gary Wayne Anderson, on a riding lawnmower towing a black trailer with a cooler inside. He had just crashed into the police cruiser.

The crash only caused minor damage to a bumper, but police say Anderson, after initially laughing, became aggressive toward the officer. He was arrested and taken to the police department, where he then claimed he had been poisoned by officers.

After being taken to hospital, it was discovered that his blood alcohol as 0.241, which is over three times the legal limit. There were also traces of cocaine in his system.

According to reports, Anderson’s driver’s license has been suspended since 1978. He also has two prior DUI convictions.

He’s facing charges of DUI and refusing to submit to a DUI test with a suspended license.