Florida Man May 27 James Yates Jr.

Florida Man May 27 James Yates Jr.

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Putting Gun To Mom’s Head Because She Had A Man Over

Some kids can’t get over the idea of their parents dating after divorce.

A Florida man has been arrested after being accused of putting a gun to his mother’s head because she had a man over to their home.

According to reports, police were called to the home where the man, James Yates Jr., resides with his mother. They apparently got into an argument because the mother was entertaining a man at the house.

Yates went to his bedroom and retrieved a Glock 42 .380-caliber handgun. He brought it into the living room and pointed it at his mother’s head and said, “You’ll never do this again.”

The guest fled through a window.

Yates was charged with domestic aggravated assault.

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