Florida Man May 27 Charles James Preston III

A Florida Man Covered In Chocolate Syrup Was Arrested After Incident At A Surprise Birthday Party

Some people seem to get a bit too upset when they can’t have it their way.

According to reports the man, Charles James Preston III, arrived home to a “special” surprise birthday party thrown by his girlfriend. The two got intimate, but the girlfriend told Preston she wanted to go to sleep.

Preston allegedly shoved his girlfriend out of bed. She pushed back but he gained the upper hand and shoved her into a closet. He held her in the closet against her will, before entering the closet and grabbing her neck and holding her against the wall.

She ran outside and was chased by Preston. The two argued, and she told police that Preston then began to kick and dent her vehicle before ripping off the spoiler.

After arriving at the home, officers found Preston in cut-off shorts, covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream. His girlfriend’s vehicle was covered in a white powder, and officers estimated damage in excess of $5,000.

He told police that she “started acting crazy,” and was packing her bags to leave before she ran out. Preston denied shoving or holding the victim against her will.

Preston is facing charges including a felony criminal mischief charge and misdemeanor domestic battery.