Florida Man May 26 Christopher Merrick

A Florida Man Said Money Was Calling Out To Him Before He Robbed Arby’s Cashier

Apparently roast beef sandwiches weren’t enough for this winner.

A Florida Man is accused of stealing $1450 that was being counted by an Arby’s cashier. The man, Christopher Merrick, told police that the money “was like calling out to me” before he grabbed it.

He walked into a closed Arby’s in as a female worker was counting the cash for her cash drawer. When the employee walked away from the counter, Merrick, grabbed the cash and ran out of the store.

Merrick ran into a nearby McDonald’s and hid in the women’s bathroom.

He was eventually arrested and the money was recovered in the garbage of the stall he came out of. Merrick said that he knew he had done something wrong and put the money in the trash can.

He’s facing a charge of petit theft.