Florida Man May 25 Epic Party Foiled

A Florida Man Tipped Off Authorities About A Would Be Epic Post Prom Party

For a lot of high school students, prom always leads to the biggest parties. But sometimes people can be a real grinch.

A Florida man who was a security guard at a high school tipped off authorities of what was sure to be an epic post prom party.

Three charter buses had been booked, several hundred West Boca Community High students had been invited. A party pad had been rented and stocked with booze, pot and stripper poles for a post-prom bash.

But it was foiled before it began.

“They were almost on the buses,” said Lt. Ryan Grimsdale, of the sheriff’s office. “But they never got on the buses and the buses never left Palm Beach County.”

There were Jello shots, they had every mixer, they had high-end liquors, they had beers and even an assortment of pre-rolled joints. Plastic covered the floors, stripper poles had been installed and balloons floated atop the swimming pool. Stereo speakers and strobe lights were set up and garbage cans filled with ice were on hand.

The party pad was legally rented by a 19 year old, Thomas Levin. However, even with all the drugs and booze present police couldn’t charge anyone. They couldn’t put the alcohol or drugs into anybody’s possession.

Once the property manager learned of the shindig, the rental agreement was cancelled.

There’s no word on what happened with all the party favors.