Florida Man May 25 Craig Ferris

Florida Man May 25 Craig Ferris

A Florida Man Was Arrested After Attacking A Family That Were Looking For Sea Shells

Some people just look for a reason to be a dick.

A Florida man was arrested after deputies say he started a fight with a family that was looking for seashells on the beach.

According to police the man, Craig Ferris, got angry when a family looking for seashells started shining flashlights near him. He made obscene statements to the daughter then punched her in the chin and grabbed her by the arm. The arrest report does not provide the daughter’s age.

When the father tried to intervene and stop the attack, deputies say Ferris pushed him to the ground. The arrest report says it happened on the rocky point of the shore and the victim had a large scrape on his knee.

Ferris was arrested and charged with battery on a person 65 years of age or older.

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